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The 2018 Desire Map Planners Are Here

Do you still like to use a paper planner? Looking for something that’s not only functional, but gorgeous to boot? Want a planner that helps you focus on your most important goals in a thoughtful, heart-centred way?

Look no further than The Desire Map Planner collection from Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, and White Hot Truth.

What makes The Desire Map Planners special?

  • the covers are simply gorgeous
  • the paper is high-quality and a pleasure to write on
  • the planner incorporates your Core Desired Feelings and helps you keep them top-of-mind
  • there’s room to write and track your goals
  • it has journaling prompts and space for you to write the journal (it’s more than just a planner)

I’ve tried lots of planners over the years, and I still rely on Google calendar with its electronic reminders to help me stay on top of appointments, but The Desire Map Planners are my favourite. They’re very sturdy, which is important when you haul them around with you in your giant, crowded purse, and they give you space to journal, so that even when you’re short on time, you’re still getting the benefits of getting your thoughts down on paper.

The downside? I find them a bit heavy (they’re sturdy, but that comes with a price). Also, if you’re looking for something that’s easy to carry around with you, this may not be the best planner for you. The size is great for writing, but not so great if your purse is on the smaller size.

The planners are available as:

You can also find the planners on

Don’t wait to order your planner, as they typically sell out well before the new year.

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