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Are You Clear on Your Life Vision?

Clarity calls to me, beckons me over like the popular girl from high school, tempts me with freedom, simplicity, and ease.

“I have the answer,” Clarity says. “Join me. Become clear and all of the answers will be revealed. You’ll have everything that you desire. Your life will fall into place and you’ll be happy.”

Except that Clarity seem juuust out of reach, always.

I have tried meditating, journaling, The Desire Map (my favourite tool for getting as close to crystal-clear as I can), Morning Pages, vision boarding, going on retreat, yoga, and long walks.

I get clearer (sometimes to the point where I think that I have the ultimate, nearly-perfect answers for my life) and learn more about myself with each step I take, but complete Clarity remains elusive. I brush it with my fingertips and it drifts slightly out of reach, like that platter on the top shelf.

So, if perfect clarity is impossible, what’s a girl to do? Here’s my best advice.

Accept What is

Which is that no matter how clear you get, there is still uncertainty. Life is uncertainty, and uncertainty is uncomfortable, so get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Don’t stop wanting what you want and taking the necessary action to get there.  This isn’t a Strange Brew, brakes are out, “No point in steering now,” situation.

But if you’re going spend time fighting with reality, that’s a lot of wasted time. Not to mention being majorly anxiety-inducing.

Choose the easy route: accept that perfect clarity does not exist.

Be Consistent

Be consistent in moving toward your current vision.

This in one I personally have a lot of trouble with, because I love the rush of starting a new projects.

So I find myself with shiny-object syndrome: I jump from one project to the next before I really finish anything, and then I stand around scratching my head, wondering why I’m not getting anywhere.

Consistency is important in making gains, whether we’re talking about making exercise a part of your life, writing a book, or managing stress through meditation.

It’s not sexy, it’s not exciting, but consistency is necessary.

Take Action

Get as clear as you can, take action, and know that through your actions you’ll gain even MORE clarity, even though it may not seem like it right away.

For example, when I started the Live Like a Momboss blog, I thought I’d write some tips for working moms about how to manage their time, share useful parenting resources, and do a few book reviews.

Once I started writing, though, it became something completely different. I wrote far more about personal development and what I was learning through reading and programs, and less about life as a working mom.

Am I 100% clear on where I’m taking my blog? Hell to the no. But I like writing and I like knowing that maybe something that I learn and pass on is of use to someone else.

In the muddle of blogging, there have been times that I’ve wondered why I should even bother. Is what I’m writing making any difference at all in anyone’s life? Is anyone even reading what I’m writing? Who am I to write about what I’m learning?

The deeper I get into my blogging journey, though, the more I learn about myself and the clearer I get about how I can serve others.

So, yeah, I still feel like I’m not clear on where my blog is going, but I have faith that my clarity will continue to grow.

Specific Actions for Clarity Seekers

Hate your job? Feel like your life is stagnant and that you’re drifting?

start looking at job listings / job shadow / do work around discovering your strengths / volunteer / make a list of what you love and hate about your job and the jobs you’ve had in the past and look for patterns / go on a retreat / meditate /imagine what your ideal job or ideal day would be and write it down in detail/  journal about why you’re staying stuck in your job or life situation / write down the beliefs and fears you have that are keeping you stuck (“I don’t want to change until I know what I want to do,” “I don’t think there’s any career out there that’s right for me,”  “I might not be happy even if I make a change,” “I’ll look flaky if I change jobs/careers/move/get a divorce”) / go through The Desire Map

Want to grow your business, launch one, or make a big change in your life but don’t know where to start?

hire a coach / listen to podcasts / read books / do online courses / join a mastermind group or create your own / take the smallest first step you possibly can / write out your vision in as much detail as you can / create a vision board (you can even join my upcoming vision board workshop)

There are so many options, I know it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

But the key – and it’s something that I struggle with myself – is to pick a strategy and stick with it for a given time frame. BE CONSISTENT (see above).

For 2017, I’m setting goals every 90 days, and I’m limiting myself to 3 major goals for those 90 days. Three months gives me enough time to take big action, but is close enough for me to stay focused on and energized by what I want to accomplish.

I want to hear how you feel about clarity. Do you feel like it’s just out of reach, or do you feel super-clear on what your life vision is? Comment below, or head on over to my Facebook page and get into the conversation there.

clarity life vision

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