The Momboss Manifesto

  • You are worthy, right now, no changes necessary, even if you don’t feel worthy

  • Self-awareness is necessary in order to examine the expectations that underlie your life

  • Meditate daily, treat fitness as self-love and not as punishment, and find veggies that you think are delicious

  • Work-life balance is a myth and puts unnecessary strain on women

  • Know how you want to feel and then set goals – not the other way around

  • Figure out what you think is fun, and then do that as much as possible

  • Practice yoga (as long as you like it), lie on the beach, and read fiction as often as possible

  • Nurture your creativity, build relationships with other women, and make sleep a priority

  • Self-care should be on every woman’s to-do list, everyday

  • Parenting isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, and we should talk about that more

  • Practice never makes perfect, and that’s cool, because perfect is neither achievable, nor desirable

  • Mom guilt is real and tricky

  • Be honest, vulnerable, and courageous

  • Treat yourself with as much compassion as you do your best friend

  • Fierce heart, big life

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