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White Hot Truth Book Review

Not long ago, I got an email with an invitation to apply to join the pre-launch team for Danielle LaPorte‘s new book, White Hot Truth. As a Danielle LaPorte fangirl, I jumped at the opportunity to read an advance copy of her latest book, especially since her best-known book, The Desire Map, has so profoundly influenced my life.

I’ll get to White Hot Truth in a minute, but let me tell you about how I found Danielle LaPorte in the first place.

My Introduction to Danielle LaPorte & The Desire Map

Those who know me know that I love to read and I love to learn. Knowing this about me, the coach I was working with a couple of years ago recommended I check out the book The Desire Map.

One of the best book recommendations I’ve ever gotten.

Though it sounds dramatic, it’s not an exaggeration when I say that the concepts in the book have changed my life.

The central idea of The Desire Map is that you usually set goals imagining that you’ll feel a certain way when you achieve them. Makes sense, right? Except that often, you don’t end up feeling the way that you wanted to, and dissatisfaction creeps into your life.

The Desire Map flips goal-setting on its head, and proposes that you figure out – through a series of exercises laid out in the book, and possibly with the help of a Desire Map facilitator like me – how you want to feel first, and THEN you set goals to get you to those feelings.

The Significance of My Core Desired Feelings

Why was this idea so huge for me? Because I’d made a huge career shift (from accounting to dentistry), uprooted my family to pursue my new career, had two healthy and awesome kids, had a stable (if not terribly exciting) marriage to an amazing man who loved and supported me unconditionally, and enjoyed plenty of opportunities for travel, and I was still anxious and unhappy.

Honestly, I blamed myself. I thought there was something wrong with me that I couldn’t find contentment.

The Desire Map opened my eyes to the way I thought about goal-setting. Suddenly I could see the feelings I’d been chasing with the goals I’d set for myself. And I could see why achieving those goals hadn’t provided the sense of fulfillment that I craved.

My White Hot Truth Book Review

The Desire Map was hardly my first personal development/self-help book, but ever since I read it, I’ve been really focusing on growing as a person. Unfortunately, with all of the reading and courses I’ve done, I’ve started to feel like my questing is hollow, like I’ve been going through the motions and learning learning learning without letting it all sink in.

I’ve been starting to feel self-help burnout.

If you’ve also found yourself worshipping at the altar of personal development, but still find yourself feeling sort of empty, then White Hot Truth is for you. Danielle LaPorte’s newest book (with a release date of May 16, 2017) addresses the disillusionment you may be feeling on your journey to live a better life and become a better person, while simultaneously trying to accept yourself as you are and knowing that you are worthy, without changing a thing.

Though I’m a Danielle LaPorte fangirl, I’m not that into woo-woo spiritual practices, so there were several parts of this book that didn’t really resonate with me.

That being said, her central message to take what you need from all sorts of spiritual and self-help practices and leave the rest made total sense to me. It was also comforting to know that I’m not the only one feeling like my quest to uncover my truest self gets tiring after awhile. Many of the practices I engage in to help gain clarity and build self-awareness (journaling, meditation, yoga) sometimes feel like work, and rather than feeling restored or rejuvenated, I feel tired, like they’re just more items on my to-do list.

White Hot Truth is filled with raw, authentic, and amusing anecdotes from LaPorte’s personal spiritual journey. Her stories are engaging, humourous, and conversational, and her book is filled with truthbombs that’ll hit you in the heart.

Did I love White Hot Truth as much as I did The Desire Map? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t. There is a little too much “woo” for my personal taste in White Hot Truth. I’m not a crystals/angel readings/consult-my-healer kind of person (Danielle LaPorte definitely is).

Having said that, I still got so much out of this book that I would recommend it to anyone on a journey of self-discovery who’s into spirituality or is able to be open-minded enough to look past the stuff that they don’t believe in to the lessons they can learn.

If you loved The Desire Map or you feel like you’re feeling tired from all of the personal development you’re doing, grab your copy of White Hot Truth.

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